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A Closer Look at 9Wickets: A Fresh Perspective on the Betting Exchange Landscape

9Wickets, an emerging player in the betting exchange space, has quickly carved out a niche for itself with its unique business model and appealing bet trading opportunities. Offering odds and prices superior to many of its competitors, this platform has managed to attract a significant user base. It offers a distinct departure from the norm, focusing on bet trading with an emphasis on lucrative traditional Lay and Back options​.

One of the unique aspects of 9Wickets is its registration process, which is only accessible through brokers such as Brokerstorm. The platform provides the opportunity to explore its offerings and review live odds before any commitment is made. There are four membership levels – Silver, Gold, Premium, and Platinum – providing flexibility for users to choose a plan that best fits their betting habits and budget. However, the requirement of a 100 EUROs fee for joining via a broker might be a barrier for more casual bettors​.

Despite covering only seven sports markets – Cricket, Soccer, Horse Racing, Rugby Union, Basketball, Tennis, and Greyhound Racing – 9Wickets offers extensive coverage within these sports. Particularly in Cricket, it provides a wide range of options including all major domestic leagues and international matches, even down to the Under 21 and Under 19 levels. Nevertheless, the absence of other popular sports such as motor racing, hockey, badminton, table tennis, and especially esports, may fall short of some users’ expectations​.

The betting mechanism on 9Wickets is user-friendly, offering traditional Back and Lay options. Although it claims to provide Betfair prices, this is not always the case. Some events may have low liquidity, which could potentially make bet placement more challenging. Despite this, for widely followed events, bettors are able to enjoy competitive odds​​.

9Wickets offers a plethora of betting options for certain sports and events. For instance, in Cricket, users can bet on various game dynamics such as inning-specific, over-specific, and batsman-specific scores. To enrich the betting experience, the platform also includes live broadcasts for major sports events​​.

A notable shortfall of 9Wickets, however, is the lack of support for live casinos, slots, and virtual games. The absence of classic casino games like Poker, Bingo, and Roulette could be a dealbreaker for bettors who enjoy a broader gaming experience alongside their sports bets​​.

When it comes to promotions and bonuses, 9Wickets’ offerings appear scanty. The absence of loyalty bonuses or recurring contests is somewhat surprising in the current betting landscape. This could be attributed to the indirect access nature of the platform, with accounts accessible only through brokers, otherwise known as 9Wickets agent account​​.

On the payments front, 9Wickets supports a modest number of options for deposits and withdrawals, such as bank transfer, Skrill, Neteller, and Bitcoin. While deposits are processed quickly, withdrawals may take longer. Users should be prepared to provide KYC documents multiple times during withdrawal, and be aware of the potential for account freezes​1​.

To sum up, 9Wickets is a unique entrant in the betting exchange scene, attracting attention with its bet trading approach and competitive odds. However, it could stand to improve in certain areas, such as expanding its sports market coverage, incorporating live casinos and virtual games, and bolstering its promotions and bonuses. Despite these shortfalls, the platform continues to expand its user base, in part due to its accessibility through 9Wickets agent accounts.

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